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Sometimes life gets exhausting. It could be a sticky situation, an emotionally draining day, a stressful work week or a trillion house repairs. It doesn’t matter what it initially is, but it leaves us wanting to run away to where it is safe and cozy (and preferably uninhabited).

The easiest thing to do in those situations is just stop doing whatever you are doing and breathe deeply. It is easier said than done though. Especially if you proclaimed that the whole world is against you. Sometimes what you need is a gentle reminder that the universe cares for you and that you have support if you only take a look around.

For me it happened on Saturday. The whole day was an emotional roller-coaster going from highest of high to the lowest of low every couple of hours. So, at 3 am I found myself walking along Queen Street, not really paying attention to any art, just hoping to get to a couple of very dear friends of mine, so I could embrace them. I did that, of course, but in that moment, while I was walking, my mind was set on the idea that it would be my magic pill. That only that hug can soothe me. It is a very poetic notion, and not an utterly wrong one, but no one can place all their well-being into into one or two people. It’s a heavy weight.

And at that moment, a random person came up to me and gave me a note. Smiled and carried on. The note said “you’re sweet and loved”. I couldn’t help but smile and start breathing deeply again. Even though I was still physically tired, I now knew that i could go on and the world has my back.

When I got home that night I put the note up on my mirror and it makes me smile every time I pass it by. So look around, and when the universe presents you with its gifts, don’t shove them in the drawer, but give thanks and place those object where you can see them. You’ll find an instant pick-me-up in them!

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