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Breathe in, breathe out. It is just a moment of weakness. Sometimes it gets hard on our journeys – emotionally and mentally. The mind starts whining about how much effort we put into tasks at hand, how it’s dragging on for way too long and we want to see the results already.

I believe that maybe, just maybe, it is a sign that the end is near. That this particular age is going to be over soon and something new will come out of it. That all it takes is that one little push, that is only manageable if we calm ourselves down, breathe steadily and be grateful for everything we have already achieved in the process.

Sometimes it feels like the only solution is to throw in a blanket and just forget we ever started anything. But it’s just natural fear trying to creep in, because the mind doesn’t know what’s coming. Just trust your gut feeling that everything will be fine. Hell! Everything will be better than fine! Just look at pictures of you now and compare them to the pictures from a year ago! How you radiate!!! How you shine!!!

Just breathe in and breathe out.

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