My name is Raya P Morrison

I'm an editor with strengths in copy and stylistic editing, production and strategy.

I am the Editor-in-Chief at Blood & Bourbon magazine, where I curate the published pieces and manage talent and editorial staff. I also work as a stylistic and copy editor in-house at Diamond Integrated Marketing. During my off hours, I love to volunteer for Editors Toronto and Editors Canada.

I might or might not talk your ear off about dystopian sci-fi, music and music history, tarot and divination, calligraphy, ballet and highland dancing, yoga and meditation, minimalism and sustainable living. I will at the same time maintain professional demeanour. The health and progress of your manuscript will always come first. I hope you're in for the ride!

My Professional Highlights

◦ Certified Associate in Project Management in good standing, Project Management Institute.
◦ Certified Professional Editor with over four years of experience in the publishing industry.
◦ Member of Editors Canada in good standing.
◦ Assistant to Programs Chair for Editors Canada Toronto Branch.
◦ Web Master for Editors Canada Annual Conference 2018 and 2019.
◦ Recipient of Ace of Diamonds Killin' It award at Diamond Integrated Marketing in 2017 for always being eager to lend a hand.
◦ Recipient of a Company Spirit Award at Stephen Thomas Ltd in 2016 for embracing company vision and passion.
◦ Winner of the Camp NaNoWriMo writing contest in July 2018 and July 2017.

Editors Canada Member 2017-2018,, Canada

"Raya is knowledgeable, intelligent, professional and she possesses an outstanding, and rare, spirit and energy level. It was a pleasure to work with Raya.” –Mark Susnik, Manager, Tech Department, IRIS Power

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