Dec. 14th

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I really need to start carrying a notepad with me again, because I have all these thoughts that i wanna write down, but only when i’m not around the computer.

I think it’s because my brain is actually trained that if i’m at work – I work. and if i’m home at the computer i don’t want to do anything close to being intellectual. I just wanna sit on facebook or watch shows on cucirca.

So then, about the shows. I’m back to watching Scrubs, cause i’ve taken a huge break from it and now it’s actually funny to me again. Plus, i’m up to date on Glee and How I Met Your Mother, so there is not much i can watch besides Scrubs. And of course i could watch a drama series, but it requires too much brain power. Although, I did watch the pilot episode for Dexter and i liked it. And I wouldn’t mind catching up on House and Weeds at some point. Oh, and drama series are usually 45 min long and comedy series are usually 20 min, so the main plot actually progresses faster and yuo don’t need to wait another 40 min to figure out what happens next.

I skimmed through this article recently that talked about how our generations attention span reduced tragically because of TV. And i can’t help but agree with that. I used to never watch shows. I mean, i did, but i didn’t do it religiously. I would watch Family Guy and Sex and the City now and then, but i didn’t get the craving to skip going out just so i can watch a new episode. And if i missed any number of episodes – no big deal! But now i actually have to watch an episode of something during lunch and after work (pretty much whenever i eat, except breakfast). And i have noticed that i can’t concentrate on things for as long as i used to. Even if i’m watching a movie (unless a movie is really superb), i have to make at least one pause to go and check facebook, or do something around the house for at least 10 minutes before i can get back into it. I am actually surprised that i’m still writing this and i haven’t taken a single break 🙂

But, i’ll try to get better soon. And i promise to write about habits in the then post.

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