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Alright, so i dyed my hair 🙂 and i slept till 11 🙂 and i didn’t smoke today.. yet 🙂
i was doing this video for my mom, and then when it was time to burn it onto a dvd Premier didn’t want to burn it. so i had to do it with window movie maker (ewwwww). *apparently it was because of the virus that i got from my friend who didn’t know that the virus sent itself to me :S* i think i got rid of the virus by now… McAfee is useful after all!
So, i wanted to start my DMA179 assignment, but then i realised that i don’t have a camera to take a pic of the place that i’m supposed to draw :S . i mean i have a cool antique Zenit, but i didn’t develop pics for a while, and i don;t think i’m going to, unless i can find a darkroom in Seneca. oh wait, yeah .. i’m stupid, i just realized that i have a video camera, so i can take pics with it. but it has shittey quality.

what else? i wanna go clubbing or something. 🙁 and my friends are playing tonight @ Kathedral, but i can’t go cause i’m broke :*(

Music :: Dandy Warhols

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