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a random pretty tree

well, i feel like shit. it’s just one of those evenings when you sit and evaluate your life. The thing is when i look at my friends and see that they study, work and have relationships, i can’t find a single reason why i don’t have all that. I mean, yes i do go to college. but that’s about it. i know like half of Toronto, so what? who even cares? people remember about my existance once in a year (and not even on my bday). and i’m not even talking about relationships. i’m so tired of being alone, but i can’t be with just anybody.
anyway, enough whinning. ( and yes i forgot to mention that october is my depressive month and november is my sick month, and it doesn’t even change).
so, i am the geekiest person in my area i’ve seen, cause i went out to draw the intersection of Wesley & Algoma. i bet people in cars were like ‘wtf, do artsy-gothy people actually exist?’ or something like that…

and then i found a mail box to draw

and i still don’t get what’s the difference between drawing a sphere in 1,2,3- point perspectives? :S

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