Blood & Bourbon Spring 2017 Edition Cover, Literary Magazine Toronto, ON


I was a copy and stylistic editor of five stories in the Spring 2017 issue of Blood & Bourbona literary magazine from Toronto, ON.
They are:
“How to Take a Beating” by Tom O’Brien
“Until We Meet Again” by Jeffrey Miller
“The Literary Projectionist” by Robert Kingett
“Full Stop” by Kate Hodges
“Animal (in) Control” by Shawn Mohr

I also proofread the issue before it went to print to make sure there weren’t any inaccuracies and visual mistakes.


I provided one of my poems for the issue, called “And Miles and Piles of Worthless Junk”.
Please, enjoy the excerpt:
“And miles and piles and rivers of worthless junk.

Running through our muscled legs

Tired of running, fucking, longing, craving;

With cigarette burns between our

fingers and blisters on our feet and thighs.”



Here is what Tom O’Brien, author of “How to Take a Beating”, had to say:

“Thanks for the editing support and insights. It was a pleasure working with you. The positive and constructive criticism made the work so much better.”