Blood & Bourbon Fall 2017 Death issue, Toronto ON, literary magazine


I was a stylistic and copy editor of two stories for the Fall 2017 issue of Blood & Bourbon, that carried a theme of Death.
They are:
“The Gate” by Dan Tremaglio
“Mourning Bells” by Lina Margues



I also reviewed Shawn William Clarke’s album Topaz for the issue.
Please, enjoy an excerpt from this music review:

“The album opens up with “Back to Breath” – a short instrumental track that is inviting and soothing. It sets the mood for the album, which is that of a quiet contemplation, almost melancholy. It gives us, the listeners, just enough to lure us in, but not so much that we will know where the album is going all the way to the end.”



Here is what Phil Halton, Editor-in-Chief of Blood & Bourbon, had to say about my work on the issue:

“Raya is an incredibly talented editor with an extraordinary eye for detail. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and contributed a great deal to the success of the latest edition of Blood & Bourbon.”