Kosmograd @ Hard Luck Bar

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I was coming down to see Solstafir play at the Hard Luck, with my friends Kosmograd, from a meeting up north, where I thought I would be shooting a bar interior. So, I naturally had a camera with me. As Kosmograd started playing I started wondering what it would be like to shoot at Hard Luck. Fortunately for me, the place wasn’t packed so I had a lot of room to walk around and take the shots that I wanted.

I obviously didn’t shoot the other bands because I didn’t have media credentials for that. But it turned out to be lots of fun, so maybe I’ll start shooting shows more often now. I also love how the post-show bar pics turned out. I can’t believe I could even operate a camera at that point, haha!

Kosmograd @ Hard Luck Bar, May 15, 2014
Click on the photo for the whole set

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