Audrey Adrine Petrosyan for The Next Essential Looks Artist

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For the past week I’ve been working on a fun project for a friend. She is a professional hair colourist and hair dresser, and also one of the most driven people I know. Audrey thought it would be a great opportunity to enter the Schwarzkopf Next Essential Looks Artist contest. So, naturally I was happy to help out.

Initially, I was supposed to just shoot and edit the whole thing, but it so happened that I really liked the style she was going to do, so I am the model in this video. 🙂 Funny enough, I also took over the role of the director (as I always do) coaching Audrey on diction, subject matter and how to act in front of the camera, with the help of two wonderful and talented ladies – Anna Shakina and Milla Moiss.

The day of the shoot was long, but super fun (we finished at around 10pm). Editing took a while too, because at first we wanted to have a proper introduction, but with the 5 minute limit it was just not possible. So, I made different cuts. Here is the final version of it:



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