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I was thinking which design to do, but then i decided that i’ll talk to Andrew about that first, for now i’m just gonna pick the top three designs and re-draw them on the templates Andrew gave us.
so i spent the whole thursday playing Ultimate Alliance. i actually got distracted for a couple of hours, cause i had to got to the mall to finally buy a winter coat for me.
oh yeah, we got a new assignment from Fred and we’re doing a drinking game. Me and Gabe actually went into the studio today after classes and we figured out how the whole thing is gonna work. it’s a drinking game for geeks and it’s called World of Boozecraft. 🙂
Today was good, although it started out very boring. (english class in the morning just kills it for me). but then it became better and better as it went. right now i’m sitting at my firend’s place. we decided to meet up downtown when she gets there from Hamilton. we went to a second cup @ queen and john at first (i own that second cup :P). but then we decided that we are both pretty tired, so we went to her place and i think i’m only getting home sometome tomorrow.

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