The OFF week

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So, on the week off, i was mainly just doing my own thing (which is like saying not doing anything). it was kinda weird, because as soon as my brain realized it was a reading week, it yelled ‘PARTAY!!!!’ and so it went. until tuesday. then i started having problems with my mom and we were yelling at each other for (i think) no apparent reason (when it could have been solved without fighting). I didn’t do anything on those days, cause for some reason my brain just shut itself off :S. Oh, yeah, btw, my friends hooked me on gaming on tuesday again :D. So i installed Dark Stone (this really vintage rpg from around year 98), cause thats one of the few games i have. and i tried to install Diablo II, but the crack didn’t work, and then my friend promised to give me Fable, so i kinda gave up on installing Diablo. On Friday, that week, my friends kinda ditched me, so i stayed at home sleeping, and on Saturday we went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. yay! i loooooooooooooove that movie. plus i brought 4 Rocky Horror virgins with me, so it was funny to watch (one girl was so shocked she only became normal an hour after the show). But they all liked it for the most part (plus the fact that i brought a lot of props for it). on Saturday during the day, i was feeling very artsy so i started my psychology project (and i drew a picture in watercolors, acrylics and pastels, but i didn’t photograph it yet cause i keep on forgettting to rent a camera from school). Sunday, i went to the mall with my mom to buy me a coat and bought everything else except the coat *thumbs up*.

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