Raya P Morrison -- editor I’m Raya P Morrison, and this is my portfolio website. As a professional editor and marketer, I bring over 13 years of experience to every project I touch.

If you are looking for a copy or line edit of your manuscript, poetry, articles or professional documents–you have come to the right place!

I will take you and your writing on a journey to discover the best, most comprehensive version of your text. I will be there to safeguard your voice like a treasure chest, but also to battle through all the grammatical, punctuation and stylistic mishaps. I will be a champion for your work from the time we set sail until we anchor at a beautiful place.

You can reach me by email at raya@raimorrison.ca or by leaving a message on the contact page. I have samples available upon request. Pricing will be reflective of the amount of work to be done and the depth of edits. Please, be sure to check out my bio for details on the type of work I do and the portfolio for samples of my past work

All aboard!



I enjoyed working with Raya P Morrison as an editor. Her suggestions seemed well thought-out and were backed with good reasoning. She really listened to any concerns I had with proposed changes, and we had lots of interactive dialogue to work through difficult portions of text. Overall, I really like her collaborative editing style; she supported my work and accentuated my voice. Given the opportunity, I would definitely work with her again.”

–Lina Marques, writer

Raya was always clear – and that means a lot when you’re working with words. She understood my writing style and kept it intact through the editing process. She was responsive to my feedback and never tried to shape me into something I’m not. If I had my pick of editors, I’d choose her every time!

— Steve Skafte, writer/poet