Stephen Thomas always has a booth at AFP Congress. In 2016, it was decided that the theme for the company’s booth would be “Be Brave”. We wanted to wow conference-goers and do something that no other sponsor has done before. So, the internal AFP team, consisting of me, an account manager and a business coordinator, brainstormed ideas and settled on having a VR experience at the booth with 3 scary scenarios that would challenge people’s bravery.

The next step was to convince conference-goers to try it out for themselves.


To get people in a courageous spirit, I suggested sharing ST staff’s personal stories of bravery. I have collected the stories and set down with the copywriter to focus and break up each story into 3 tweets.


We have shared these stories on ST’s Twitter and Facebook prior to the conference with hashtag #BeBrave2016. Not only did we get the most interaction Stephen Thomas has had on Twitter up until that point; the hashtag caught on, and the booth was a success!