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A couple of months ago I was out of comedic shows to watch. How I met Your Mother ended… badly. Archer became hit or miss (although as the season progressed it slowly regained its quick punches and sharp humour). It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia became stale after the first season, Modern Family is good, but not great. And then, after a friend sent me a gif of Parks & Rec, I have decided to give it a try.

And I completely fell in love with it! It isn’t just funny and innovative, but I can also relate to it so much. Who doesn’t wanna be Leslie Knope? Her optimism and dedication are admirable and I hope to one day be as hard-working as her.

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope sleep

She knows first-hand how it is to be a powerful woman and rolls with the punches, never forgetting that she IS a goddess.

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope goddess ladies

But above all, she is human. She cares deeply about her friends and if she┬áis with someone it’s the real deal. She doesn’t waste emotion where she shouldn’t, but goes all out when she knows it’s for the right person.

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope winning

Leslie – you’re my hero!

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