A Trip to New York

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It finally happened! I have finally traveled to New York, even if it was only for a day! For the past month Anna and I have been working hard on her application for Project Runaway. During this time we dug up photos from her previous collections, took pictures for all the new clothes and accessories she has made, filled out the application, compiled a print and digital portfolio, made an introduction video, and made business cards & logo for her brand.

anna shakina logo

It was a very busy time, but we have finished everything before the deadline! The only thing left to do was take a trip and show the judges her work in person.

021-Red-Skirt Anna Shakina, model Audrey Adrine Perosyan

Regardless, of whether Anna will go on the show or not, we had a blast roaming around Manhattan and taking a nap in Central Park. This city has such a lively, positive energy! I would love to live here one day.

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