On creative and sexual energies

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There is so much energy around us. It’s everywhere. The question is how to use it? If the sexual and creative energies are truly the same (as discussed in the post from mindbodygreen.com), because the end mission of both is to give birth to something/someone, then the question is where to use it as sexual energy and where to use it as creativity? (Without locking up our sexuality into a state of prudency). Or maybe even how how to feel sexuality and creativity without going through the predetermined steps; or if we do feel sexually awakened without the act then how to sustain that energy for the creative means without pushing it overboard or craving more in the sexual direction?
On the other hand, how to not exhaust ourselves with creative outlets to the point ofhaving nothing to give sexually? Otherwise, if we gain more and more energy as we learn to recognise it as such and find our ways to engage it then will we ever be satisfied sexually or creatively? Will we have to find more outlets or make our “rituals” more complex to dive in deeper into the energetic well?
Is there a bottom of one’s energy well or is it ever-expanding like the universe itself?
If there is a limit and say we have mastered both sides of this energy, what would be the next step to take? Would there be a reason to exist past that point?

Because, ultimately, our energy is what drives us, what makes us go forth; it opens our beings to positive emotions and characteristics, whereas if our energy is stagnant and has no outlet it brings about fear and lack of confidence, which in return can give way to more negative emotions and character developments. So, if our creative wells have a bottom are we deemed to rot in misery after we reach it or do we dissolve into the universe (reach a higher state of consciousness). If so, are our lives just endless cycles of creations?
Do we measure up by the number of our “offsprings”? And if they are and if we do, then why are so many people doing pointless shit that they weren’t meant to be doing? What’s the point if that struggle only creates more of a imbalance in the universe!
I say create & fuck and stay happy!

What do you guys think? I would love to see comments on this!

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