8 years ago — the shows

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Stepping away from the subject does wonders for the memory. So, I shall continue down the memory lane.

Events to see in 2003:

1. Goldfinger

It was actually my first big show in Canada (i got hooked after that). And ‘Hello pinky toe! I still can’t move you!’ Kids, remember to tie your shoes properly before jumping into mosh-pits.

2. The Sex Pistols

We actually didn’t have tickets for this one, but this was before they fenced off the hill at Molson Amph (you know which one 😉 ), so we just climbed on top of it and watched the whole show from there. We also had to bribe the guy at the entrance to the Exhibition Place with cigarettes, so he would let us in.

3. Mindless Self Indulgence

They came to Toronto on my Birthday! I can’t even describe how excited I was to see one of my favourite bands live on my freaking birthday. Remember this video?


And this one:


And NewGrounds was a cool website and all was good in the world?

Also, the local punk scene was blooming with bands like The 3Tards, DRP, Insanity Outbreak and …um… COaN (what the hell did it stand for?) What came first, chilling at Matt Gee’s or the shows at the Reverb?

Fucked Up Canadian Kids, anyone? 🙂

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