New Beginning

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Before the end of the year, I started having this feeling that I was on the verge of a new chapter in my life. It felt like it was the time to look back on the passing year and finally, not only figure out why everything is making me tired and miserable, but also to set realistic goals and prepare myself for the journey towards a better me.

Of course, I didn’t just sit at home. I had to face all the problems head on. So I partied… hard. And I think that (especially pushing myself to overindulge) ultimately showed me the way. I met the New Year relieved and blissfully happy.

The next posts will summarize my little, but firmĀ  steps to being a better person.*

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*For those who don’t know, last year even though i made good progress in front-end developing, i haven’t really touched upon any of my former hobbies (except singing, but that was short-lived). I also spent too much on booze and smokes, which i compensated by buying expensive clothes and presents, which ultimately left me broke.

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