First Week

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First week was very hard in terms of quitting smoking. I had an unspoken rule that after a crazy party weekend i didn’t smoke for a day. It was sort of a cleansing procedure.

Well, this time this first day was extra painful, because i have been partying for a week straight… But what it actually did is, it made me pissed at myself for being so weak, as to long for a cigarette. And so, I have decided to prove to myself that I can be fine without smoking. To make things harder, I was watching movies that whole week. (Some movies are so intense that you wish you had a smoke; the others are too boring, so you wish you had something to do while watching them; others just have people smoking in them all the time). Thank God I got sick on thursday ( and i never smoke when i’m sick). haha.

I did watch a lot of movies that i’ve wanted to watch for quite some time now.

Das Boot blew my mind! It was soo intense, that I actually felt like i was in that submarine.

There Will Be Blood was boring and I didn’t feel connected to the main character at all. I felt like he was very dull and shallow, I could always recognize why he did what he did and what he did made me stay indifferent.

The Social Network was also pretty boring, but not as boring as the previous movie. At least it had an amazing soundtrack, thanks to mister Reznor. Plus, I think it was shorter than There Will Be Blood, so it felt like it was more action-packed.

True Grit is a nice little film. It reminded me of childhood, when movies actually had a good moral behind them, and they weren’t pointlessly brutal or sexual. Plus, Jeff Bridges is always enjoyable to watch.

127 Hours truly held up to my expectations (and I expect A LOT from my second favourite director – Mr. Danny Boyle). James Franco pleasantly surprised me for the second time in the past couple of months (first time being Howl, which I highly recommend to all book junkies). It is a very emotionally draining film, i must say. I think my ears were ringing for like 20 minutes after it. But it is worth it, and so much more.

I also watched the first 2 episodes of The Walking Dead and i was disappointed. After hearing everyone praising it, I felt like it was a standard zombie flick, that didn’t put any spin on your typical zombies, and focused more on the drama that was brewing between all the characters. So, i might have watched to episodes of Gossip Girl with the same success.

On Sunday, i was almost healthy, so I have decided to go see Tangled with my friends. And I loved it!!!! It’s like a classic Disney cartoon (with singing and talking animals) with a modern spin on it. The Princess and the Frog was nothing compared to this!!! 🙂

to be continued…

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