My 2010

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1.Website of the year:,
2.New person of the year: Dan Arget, Mariya Sorokina
3.TV show of the year: How i Met your Mother, Glee
4.Movie of the year: Shutter Island, Kick-Ass
5.Newspaper/Magazine of the year: does Cracked count? And Escapist.
6.Food of the year: PizzaVille, Gonoe Sushi
7.Drink of the year: Spiced rum, Vitamin Water
8.Feeling of the year: Drink myself to sleep?
9.Language of the year: CSS
10.Extreme moment of the year: i dunno, paintball?
11.Live show of the year: Rammstein in Quebec City, free the Stooges show
12.Interest of the year: HTML5
13.Dream of the year: Going far away from Canada
14.The unreached goal of the year: learn php, take a far away vacation
15.City of the year: Quebec
16.Place to be of the year: 751
17.Revelation of the year: i can’t party like i used to; i’m not as happy as i thought i would be
18.Personal event of the year: My Birthday
19.Band/Singer of the year: Stone Sour, Rammstein, The Horrors, She Wants Revenge, Alice in Chains, The Dead Weather
20.Song of the year: Alice in Chains – Again, Modwheelmood – crumble
21.Trip of the year: Quebec
22.Tradition of the year: Jager n beer @ 751
23.Mood of the year: 😀
24.Disappointment of the year: ME
25.Item of the year: credit card, pack of smokes
26.Person of the year: M., M., M., J., D., A.
27.Co-worker of the year: Aleksey
28.Wise thought of the year: …?
29.Question of the year: Will it always be this way?
30.Weather of the year: Sun!!!
31.Colour of the year: black
32.Time of the day of the year: 5 in the morning?
33.Book of the year: Girl with the dragon tattoo
34.Clothing style of the year: rock the shit out of everything at hand 🙂
35.Present of the year: I dunno, there were a lot actually, especially from my parents <3 thank you all 🙂
36.Coffee shop of the year: none, i think
37.Saying of the year: too many to list 😉
38.Blog of the year:  ЗБГ
39.Purchase of the year: Alice in wonderland jacket

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