Halloween Week

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So, last week was a lot of fun, but it also was a lot of stress and work.
My wisdom tooth is growing and it’s cutting my cheek. it hurts like hell. i’m on Advil for the 5th day in a row now. (it didn’t stop me from drinking though, haha. and obviously there were a lot of halloween parties happening)
Also, my friend asked me to do a portfolio for her. We did the photoshoot on thursday and i was re-touching the photos on friday and saturday. and i must say i’m pretty pleased with the results. She liked the photos a lot. i’m getting paid today and than the only thing that would be left is printing. (and i got a good website for making nice, professional looking portfolios)(i’ll post the link to it later)
and i went to see The Go! Team. yay! they were amazing. i wish i was feeling less tired that day (it was thursday).

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