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So, I’ve done most of the design for this website on the weekend. (I’m saying most, cause I just thought of how to make it better). The funny part is that flash 8 doesn’t recognize .psd’s . and Andrew wanted us to do it all in photoshop first.
Umm, yes, I could’ve been smarter and think of that right away, but I didn’t care. why? cause I didn’t feel encouraged to do anything at all. (if every student could’ve had one whiny post – this would be mine)
So then, I spent a shit load of time trying to get it to work (first someone offered to help to transfer the .psd to flash cs3 on their computer and send it back to me, but it took like an hour cause my internet is shit since we switched from rogers to whatever-the-cheapest-highspeed-internet is + oh no! + it’s wireless) in the end it turned out looking crappy and low quality (i have no freaking idea why). So, i had to manually save each layer of .psd as a .png. FUN!
and now, as i started coding i figured out that i’m way too tired to think (so nothing works, obviously), cause i can’t sleep normally in this house. (wow, apparently i am a very bitter person. i didn’t even know that)
therefore, i wanna give up. on everything. even though my brain will protest against it.

I rest my case.

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