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Wow! it’s been such a long time since i wrote anything in here. It’s kinda sad, because there is so much going on right now in my life. I mean, a whole semester passed!
So, i went to Montreal with my bf for the weekend. It was great. People are very nice there and everybody practically treats you like family. We went to a russian concert on Saturday. It was hosted in a restaurant called Kremlin (how more Russian can you get with a name like that?). hehe. It was ok. One of the bands are new, so they still have to polish their material (plus their drummer couldn’t play, cause he has injured his hand at work). But they managed to pull out the whole set without him. The second band (The Third Eye) was horrible (lyric-wise), so i couldn’t stand them for more than 4 songs. (plus their drumming was out of place sometimes and people played on top of each other so it sometimes sounded like a cacophony). So we left early. As a matter of fact a lot of people did.
On Sunday, A., E. and me went to the Just for laughs festival. I wouldn’t say that it was all that great, but they tried. Also, i think they had to reschedule a lot of performances, because it was raining half the time. (and most of the stages were open). We managed to catch one show and i though it to be vulgar and inappropriate. It portrayed a wedding and when it got to the point where guests are supposed to throw rice at the newlyweds, they started throwing everything from rice to baking powder to plain garbage. And then when the newlyweds got completely covered with all that, they started kissing. Then one of the actors (guests) set bride’s dress on fire, so she took it off (so there she was greasy and half-naked). And then, when they managed to set the fire off, she took what was left of the dress and walked away with the groom by her side. Imho, it was disgusting. I mean, if they were to make fun of weddings and marriage they should have done it with more wit and satire (or irony). However, it was amazing that they made the whole section for kids. There was a puppet show for them and all sorts of circus activities which they were shown how to do (like juggling, spinning plates, rope climbing, etc.) Suddenly, i wanted to become a kid again, so i could learn all that stuff. (too bad we didn’t have that in my childhood).

the rest of the trip in the next post…

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