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On tuesday we were supposed to go to an audio suit to work on our audio project, but both me and Gabe were 40 min late for that :D,. so we just set in the library mounting his logo for Joe onto the mounting board and watching that South Park episode about WarCraft :D. We got another module to do from Joe and another project from Tore (thank god my camera has 3 CCDs). What sucks is that we have to redo the slideshow project cause the server went down. errrr. Then me and Nicole got a ride from Blag (and that basically made my day). when i got home i ate and fell asleep right away.
But, i didn’t sleep well, so i skipped school next day. i actually didn’t feel well either. Finished playing Ultimate Alliance, but now i’m gonna play it in ‘normal’ mode. I also started tracing out my skate in illustrator (about 2 hours). When i started feeling better i cleaned appartment and blah blah blah. really wanted to go outside and walk in the fog, but didn’t (as a punishment for not going to school).
Today i finished my skate project (4 hours 30 min). the only thing left to do is print it, which i’ll do on the weekends, cause i still need to do an assignment for Daria for tomorrow and i wanna go out for some time.

<= This is how my uber-cool deck looks Hours spent on the project: 5 hours 45 min

Music :: Happy Mondays

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