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wow, crazy week. i wanted to kill myself on tuesday cause nothing was working for me: computers froze, files deleted themselves, cameras didn’t work, and so on. but at least i pulled myself together after the video class and got the slideshow done. wednesday went fine. wrote the summary for english. plus psych. was fun as usually. had a nice convo with R. then chilled with friends after psych.
thursday was the Panic! At the disco day. and it was spoiled from the very beginning. first of all Val called me and told me he was sick so he wouldn’t come to the show. so i had to figure out what to do with a second ticked and i didn’t find anyone to go with me. but it’s alright. it was quite a show and i didn’t mind enjoying it by myself (thank god(?) i’m an anti-social introvert for the most part). then my friends picked me up from ricoh coliseum and we went to some thai place to eat. i was home by 12.30 (btw, i wanted to do some hmwk, but i couldnt cause i was freaking out about the fact that i was going to go to the show alone)
(and i wanted to go to class on friday, but i had to take a long shower, and i hate being late for classes, so no). so on friday… i think i just cleaned my appartment, i think. and then i went to Damon’s 🙂 watched Ed Wood and Romper Stomper. i was soo effing angry at the ending of Romper Stomper though. the chick so deserved to die. fucking whore. anyway, i stayed over and got home today, and i have to prepare to go to my friend’s bday party. so i’m doing all the hmwk tomorrow.

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