Saturday :: Digital Photography Show

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i was woken up at noon by a phone call and couldn’t go back to sleep, errr. so me and V. cleaned up his appartment, and then i left cause i had to go to that photography show in Saga. I went there with S. thank god he has a car, cause i didn’t wanna go there on the bus after i freezed my ass off at Taste of Chaos show there last year. it was quite interesing, but there is almost no point in going there if you don’t have the money to buy something. valuable lesson: never buy an SLR + the kit; it costs less to buy SLR (body) and a lens to it separately; plus who needs the kit anyway?
bought a book on portraiture. (it is great in a way that it combines technical stuff, with composition, with photoshop, with useful tips).
then we wanted to go to Niagara, but S.’s car broke down. it seems as though i will never get there. :S
went to his place, drank bacardi + coke.

Music :: Joy Division

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