Friday :: the graduation day

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and i did wake up at 5. and i finished everything just in time for school. 😀 school is the same. took the bus with Angel, Nicole and Blag, but kinda ditched them at Bathurst and Sheppard (sowwy again guys). Went to my friend’s place then went to my commencement. I’m soo glad i went there. i wanted to talk to some teachers of mine for a long time. plus i spoke with my Photography & Video teacher and he told me that they are playing this amazing documentary on Tour de France in Science Center. so, i’ll go and check it out sometime. maybe we can even go all together. then i went to my friend’s bday. drank a bottle of wine between three of us, (when al lthe other people left) and stayed up till 6 in the morning.

Music :: Joy Division

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