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well, as soon as Andrew started talking about the rollerblades project i got some ideas and made a quick sketch of the backround for the ‘thingy’. then today Joe was talking about that project too, and, well, i basically got pretty much everything planned out right there in class (the thing is, i’m good at picturing the idea as the person speaks about it, so they should never stop, hehe, joking). i guess i just have to make more percise drawings for all that now. maybe i’ll even do that on thursday. cause i showed the idea to Joe and he said it was cool.
btw, i don’t get why some people in our class don’t like Joe. i dunno, cause i tend to see people as being good until proven otherwise. ‘innocent until proven guilty’
oh yeah, i fixed my computer!!! yay!!! (and i hate asking for help, so i’m glad i got everything resolved by myself, cause i’m the superman…and joan of arc…and jim morrison.. in one body, so i kinda have to live up to the mark).
ummm, yeah. reading Goethe is awesome.
The Sorrows of Young Werther is such an inspiring piece. It awakens a whole range of emotions in me, probably because i can relate to the main character so much. Some of his thoughts are my thoughts. the only thing that differs is that i’m not suicidal… anymore 🙂 This novel actually gives the reader the strength to live and mainly to feel and create.
anyway, i’m off to finish the psych assignment.
next piece to read – Egmont (by Goethe, obviously)
then i’m moving on to Jean-Paul Sartre and Hermann Hesse.

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