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well, i just realized that we should write a blog per day. and we were supposed to start already.
so i’ll just quickly outline one major thing that happened to me last week – i started writing again. 😀
i’m writing a story about relationships between men and women, in abstract form.
and today, while i was talking to D., i wrote a children’s story. kinda. well, it started as a joke cause i wanted him to tell me a fairytale. so he got me an article about how they want to make english the official Euro language (instead of German), but before that they want to make it as simplistic as possible. and then it was my turn to tell a story…
here it is 9it has a lot of spelling mistakes cause i was trying to type fast.

once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was a boot. it was a platform gothic style boot
but he didn’t have any friends cause all the female shoes were high-heels. he was very sad, cause even black high-heel shoes didnt want to hang out with him cause it seemed that he was looking at their asses (because his face was so high up from the ground, and high heels and their asses up all the time).
so one day it was raining really hard. and the shoe decided to take an uber-gothic walk in the rain.
suddenly he saw the shoe he would fall in love with. but it was highheel too. sucks, eh?
but our shoe decided that he would aproach her. because he was too tired of being shy about his feeling all the time. he moved closer and closer to her. but he was so hypnotized by the beauty of the female shoe, that he stepped into a puddle. the thing that the shoe didn’t know is that the glue that attached the shoe to the platform sucked ass, and when he was stepping out of the puddle he slipped from the platform onto the ground. he was so happy that when he approached the girl she fell in love with him immediately. and as he told her about the accident that just happened the girl decided to break her high-heel.
and they lived happily ever after.

of course you cannot say it’s a masterpiece,but it’s funny. He liked it 🙂
I think I actually found a muse.

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    hahah .. boots are cool

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