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So i went to my friends’ concert yesterday. Half Past Four. It was good, althought it was sad to see that only a few people came (most certainly because it was in the middle of the week). It was great that i got to talk to their drummer Art, because apparently he’s in film industry, doing sound for movies. So, they start shooting this movie on the weekends and i might get a job on the set :D. i’m soooo glad. i’ve been wanting to get on a set ever since i became interested in film in a professional way. Who knows, maybe i’ll get connections and i won’t have to go to York to get a degree and get a job right away. who knows…
Today was fine. I woke up late, but it’s alright, because i still got everything i wanted to do done. Also started photoshoping this halfnaked pic of me (it’s for a guy, obviously). the thing is i’m trying to do something new for me now. I’m trying to completly change the background by only using photoshop (not using another photo).
Anyway, i’m gonna go do my essay outline for tomorrow…

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