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Today was a really tireing day. First of all we had 2 quizzes and 1 presentation.
Then i went to visit S. for an hour and went home.
On the way home some drunken bum sat next to me and i can’t stand when that happens. why me? what did i do? i just wanted to jump off the bus into someone’s arms (someone dear to me, i mean). and then when i got to Royal York some other bum sat next to me. the funny part is that emotions where boiling inside of me, but when i looked in the window of the subway train to see how i looked (cause i was about to cry), my face was completely emotionless. I guess i achieved what i always wanted – not to show my weakness to anyone.

Music :: Louis XIV – All the Little Pieces
AFI – Prelude 12 21
AFI – God Called in Sick Today

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