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So friday turned out to be really good. the thing is i left my house on friday at 8.30 am and came back today (Sunday) at 9.40 am. 🙂 Crazy weekends.
Anyway, we wrote an English essay on Friday, and i’m soo glad that i actually prepared a thesis for it, cause in class it was just a matter of writing out my thoughts in the most correct way. Also, on thursday, i couldn’t fall asleep, so i figured out the way to make the flyer for Half Past Four that we wanted to make. So i’m drawing it on a piece of paper first, then outlining it with a fine marker, scanning it and adding colours and effects in photoshop. Should look pretty good. Spent lunch doing nothing. The drawing class was alright, even though i was falling asleep, and i have to say that i like Daria better than Aviva. then i was about to go home with this guy from class, but i saw my good friend near the bus-stop, so iwe chilled till 7. And maybe, we’re still making the russian music fest in the beginning of december. maybe… if all goes well and we can find sponsors. then i went to A. & A.’s house and now i’m hooked on 2 songs Weird Al’s ‘White & Nerdy’ and Basshunter ‘Boten Anna’. i’ll post them afterwards. but yeah we watched Boondock Saints (yes, it’s one of my fav movies). and i stayed there.
on to saturday…

Music :: BassHunter – Boten Anna
Mood :: the greatest ever

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