Challenge: Freda’s has requested Superscope Media to rebuild the company’s websites, at my suggestion.

We needed to move away from Flash, as Apple was becoming a game-changer in how people interacted with websites. However, the client wanted to retain all the functionality of the existing site, like pages sliding across and a music player. The client also wanted to make sure that the gallery was the most prominent and intuitive portion of the website, as employees were using it as an ordering tool.

Solution: I found a Javascript library for a slideshow and modified (re-coded) it to work as a website shell. I have also used the latest HTML5 and CSS properties for sliding elements and other features. Lastly, I have suggested using a prominent numbering system on the gallery images for easy identification.

Outcome: A responsive website with a standout gallery that was ahead of its time. And it didn’t compromise load time! Freda’s most recent website is still using the numbering system for the Collections section.